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Lori writes all kinds of books and will do book signings at all events. The following titles can be purchased in sets of six at an affordable price! Lori will sign books at all events.

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Track predators as they hunt in her non-fiction series: KILLER ANIMALS: LIONS, CROCODILES, GRIZZLY BEARS, PIRANHAS, TIGERS, WOLVES, ANACONDAS, plus DIRT BIKES, and two other upcoming series: STRANGE BUT TRUE, & EXTREME FREESTYLE TRICKS.


These books can be ordered through the publisher at www.capstonepress.com. Simply type in Lori Polydoros in the search box , and hit enter to view all her books.

Students in Holland enjoying Lori's books!


The following books can be purchased through the publisher in sets of six. Click on the links below to find out how to order:


Rigby Harcourt


So many fans of so many legs.

So Many Legs

The Wright Group/McGraw Hill

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ISBN 1404540172

Windows to the Past historical fiction/fantasy, ancient Native Americans (3-6)


Space Explorers, non-fiction ((1-3)

ISBN 1404540962

Right Place, Right Time, fiction, adventure/tornadoes (3-6)

The Cost of Freedom

Condors have been around for million of years, but sharing the planet wit human beings has never been easy. On 22 condors were left in 1983. Thanks to a group of scientists and conservationists, the last remaining condors were caught and bred in captivity, bringing them back from the brink of extinction. The big questions now is whether they'll ever learn to survive on their own. There is overwhelming evidence that lead bullets are currently the number one cause of condor deaths. Recently, the California Legislature passed a historic protection measure, the Ridley-Tree Condor Preservation Act, that would require hunters to use non-lead bullets in condor counties. Unfortunately, there are organizations pressuring Governor Schwarzenegger to veto the bill. To help save the condors, write a letter to our governor or go to: : www.savethecondor.com to help!    

To order THE COST OF FREEDOM, SAVING THE CALIFORNIA CONDOR, call Zaner Bloser, Educational Publisher, at: (800) 421-3018

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To check out some of Lori's stories from the Los Angeles Times Kid's Reading Page, go to: http://articles.latimes.com/writers/lori-polydoros

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