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Lori gets a little silly when she talks about the TOP TEN REASONS that she writes.
 Writing with Lowell students and their parents! Such fun!


'I've been working with an amazing bunch of sixth graders at Newport Coast Elementary school to review my current novel in progress: SUPER NOVA. Their intuitiveness, humor, and insight into storytelling truly inspire me, and I can't thank them enough for spending their lunch with me. The comments they have given me have already helped to make SUPER NOVA such a better novel. I will truly miss them when they move on to middle school! I send them a big, super THANK YOU!'

Lori presents at schools and festivals all over Southern California. She had a blast reading to kids and grown-ups on the Animal Stage at the OC Book Festival. Monty the Ball python and Lucy, the golden retriever, helped Lori share her 'animal stories!

This spring was an exciting and fun season! Here are a few photos from the following schools: St. John's, Circle View, OCEAA, Viejo, and Newport Coast.

Montie the Ball python helps Lori sign some of her books!


Newport Coast Authors Festival Fairy Escort
Mallory Podosin, Second Grader Newport


Newport Coast Authors Festival Upper Grade Reporter
Katarina Brandt, Sixth Grader


Newport Coast Upper Grade Library Aides
Top: Sophie Abber, Kiana Jodeiry, Trey Fortmuller, Arbaaz Patel, Taylor McMorrow, & Armaan Patel
Sitting: Leila Shaygan, Victoria Rhee, Natalya Buchwald, Lori Polydoros, Jessica Chow, Shelby Gualter, Irene Kao, & Derek Nguyen


Second Grade Special Classroom Visit
Brie Taylor, Delaney Ivey, Shawnly Khoyilar, Liam Mickelsen, and Jaden Fogel

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