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      Writing With Roots- Integrating Culture into Your Writing (3-6) Using Greek dance and the Greek language, participants will learn how to integrate culture into their stories. Lori will illustrate the use of cultural settings, traditions and character in some of her stories like TAP SHOES FOR YAYA and her new novel, SUPER NOVA. Students will brainstorm, and begin a story integrating their own traditions and culture. 

If time permits, a little Greek language and dance instruction to wrap things up. Opa!   

      Characters with a Twist (3-6)  Using costumes and little creativity, students will learn how to create unique characters. Students will learn the plot arc, or The Three Big Questions (character problem, obstacles, solution.) Participants will dissect a few of Lori's stories, like SO MANY LEGS, and her two novels, THE PUZZLE SEED and SUPER NOVA, to identify character, and learn how to use graphic organizers to begin character development. This session will culminate in a game: "What's in your character's pocket?"

      The Poetry of Science  (3-6)  How do you make non-fiction fun? Here’s a hint: everything that exists in the world has a story--all you need to do is tap into the real-life tension and drama. By looking at THE COST OF FREEDOM, SAVING THE CALIFORNIA CONDOR or books from Lori’s KILLER ANIMAL series, students will become story scientists and research different wildlife. Using poetry and literary technique, students will discuss how to mesh fact and fiction. If time permits, the children will walk away with their own fun, but factual, animal poems.  

    African Safari (K-6)  Students will learn how to transform observation and experience into a captivating piece of writing. Using a “photo safari” of Lori’s time studying lions in Kenya and her book, LIONS: ON THE HUNT, students will immerse themselves in Kenyan wildlife and culture. Together, with puppets and African instruments, they will retell Kenyan folktales, and if time permits, write a factual, yet fantastical animal tale.

     So Many Legs (Preschool, K-1)  Short assembly—20-30 minutes-No PowerPoint. Lori will give a short bio and what it means to be an author. With her friend the caterpillar, Lori and the students will read SO MANY LEGS. Students will discuss things they can/cannot do (like main character in the story.) Calling on volunteer “shoe-tiers,” the group will estimate how long it takes 8 kids (16 feet) to tie their shoes, just  like caterpillar must do everyday!
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