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After entering (and losing) a writing contest in 4th grade, Lori knew she wanted to grow up and make children’s books (she got prepared for rejection at a very early age!) Lori planned to be the author, and her best friend the illustrator. In college, Lori studied art and all kinds of writing. A few years later, she also received her teacher credential.

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Lori and Linda met in 4th grade and decided they would make picture books together when they got older. Lori loved to write and Linda loved to draw! Lori’s childhood dreams have become a reality (Her best friend Linda is a National Park Ranger and the mother of two crazy twins!)

Lori was first published in the Anaheim Bulletin at age 11!

In total, Lori has published over 50 stories for children. Many of her favorites have appeared in the Los Angeles Times Kids’ Reading Page. These stories let her blend her love for children, art and animals all into one. Her magazine articles appear in Highlights and Wild Outdoor World magazine. Lori also writes picture books, but her favorite kind of story is writing middle grade novels (for 8-12 year olds.) She recently finished her 3rd novel, starring, a star-inspired, girl super-hero!”

Tap Shoes for Yaya", one of Lori’s favorite stories that ran in the L.A. Times. (To see other stories go to:,0,890326.story  or,1,7066738.story)”

“Meet the Decomposers” Wild Outdoor World article.

Lori uses both her writing talents and experience as a teacher to publish fiction and non-fiction books used in the classrooms. The research for these books has taught her so much about all kinds of things, like space, Native Americans and even tornadoes!

Inspired by her trek to the Yukon to study grizzlies, and Kenya to study lions, Lori had so much fun writing her new non-fiction series, KILLER ANIMALS. She hasn’t studied crocodiles in the wild YET, but learned that they can go up to two years without eating!

Lori also writes a fantasy series for an online publisher, called The Great Gallardo’s Books.

Lori writes a series for online publisher, called The Great Gallardo’s Books. This is the first in the series.

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Lori Currently writes a column called "Industry PROfiles.." for the Society of Children's book writers and illustrator's website. She is lucky enough to get to interview very talented authors, illustrator, editors and agents every other month. To view Lori's latest interview with author/illustrator Brian Lies (BATS AT THE BEACH,) or previous interviews with Rick Riordan, authors Ellen Hopkins or TA Barron, or editors Cheryl Klein, Abigail Samoun, Stephanie Lane, go to:

Lori's new book just came out: F FREEDOM, SAVING THE CALIFORNIA CONDOR. Saving the condors is very important to Lori, and she can't wait for students and grown-ups to read her book. 

Captions in order:

Igor, AC-9, #21, the last California Condor to be captured when the breeding program began.
Lori was able to tour condor country in Ventura County, CA with Fish and Wildlife ranger, Jesse Grantham.
There's Igor, AC 9, #21 soaring high above in Hopper Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary in Ventura County!

Educational Background:

Lori spent many years as an elementary teacher in Bellflower, California where her focus was science and writing. As a science/literacy specialist, Lori was lucky enough to use a science lab, complete with green tree frogs, a saltwater tank, a ball python, and garden as her classroom. Using animals and plants made it easy to teach science, literacy and environmental stewardship to her students.

  • Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism, Minor in Creative Writing, California State University Long Beach, 1990

  • Elementary Teaching Credential, Chapman College, 1993

  • Language Development Specialist Credential, 1997

Caption: Lori leads a crowd of parents and students in a garden song at a community garden day at Washington Elementary in Bellflower, CA.

When she’s not chasing tornadoes or jetting to Jupiter (in her books, of course!) Lori enjoys visiting “less traveled” places and experiencing far-off cultures, as well as camping and hiking in her beloved Sierra Nevada Mountains. When at home in Orange, California, she loves to hang out and eat Greek food with her husband, son and daughter (while her 3 dogs vacuum up all the crumbs. Opa!)

Lori and Fauzi (“daktari,” or doctor for short,) on a tour of Mombasa, Kenya

Life in the port town, Mombasa. Right along the Indian Ocean.

Lucy, Leo, & Logan hike around Sotcher Lake. Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Lucy, Leo, Logan, Lori, & her daughter at the bottom of Rainbow Falls in Red’s Meadow, Mammoth Lakes

Lori and her family at the snow-covered Grand Canyon

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