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As a teacher and an author, one of Lori’s most favorite things to do is to visit classrooms and schools. She loves getting kids excited about writing, but it is also a time when, she herself, feels inspired by the children.
All pri mary programs (K-3) include a short bio, storytelling with puppets/realia and/or an interactive reading. Assemblies that are 45 minutes-1 hour include a group writing lesson, question and answers and sharing of student work. Programs geared toward grades  (3-6) include a short bio, storytelling, interactive reading, introduction into bookmaking and publishing, question and answers, writing activity (for groups under 40 and longer sessions,) and sharing of student work.
       A Rainbow of Words- (K-6), based on story, Two Perfect Rainbows, this presentation includes choral reading and puppetry. Students are encouraged to be a part of the story telling through actions, sound effects and props. Lori introduces similes and metaphors and together, the students write a group poem-- A Rainbow of Words. This workshop can also be geared toward the upper grades. Students will dig deeper into the world of similes and metaphors.

      How to be a Dog: Writing Creative Canine Stories! (K-6) Based on story, On My Way. Get ready to bark and yowl! This hand-on workshop will lead students to creating authentic dog characters. Younger students will be engaged in choral reading/sound effects/movement during storytelling. To get into the mind of a dog, students will be taught how to use their Writer’s Toolbox (power verbs, show not tell, sensory details.) Students will brainstorm what a pup sees, hears, feels, tastes and smells. For longer assemblies, students will use these descriptions as the beginning of a group short story:  My Life as a Dog.

      Lights, Camera, Action! Making Your Stories Come Alive! (1-4)  based on story, On My Way.  Students will discuss what makes a good story and be encouraged to analyze story during storytelling. students will be taught how to use their Writer’s Toolbox (power verbs, show not tell, sensory details.) Students and author will retell the story using choral reading/sounds/movement. Students will chart sounds and actions to prepare for their own exciting stories.
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