Lori Polydoros

The Dog Whisperer


Leo the wall walker!

Lori and her family adopted Leo three years ago. He was such a sweet, sad old boy, they couldn't resist rescuing him from the OC Animal Shelter. But when they got him home, the family soon realized that he was a "Houdini" by nature! Leo could squeeze under fences, hop out onto the roof, and he walked on walls like a tight-rope walker! One thing that sent him "over the fence" was the sound of Lori's cough when she got sick. So Lori and her family called on National Geographic's the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan for help with Leo, and advice on how to control a pack of three dogs (Lucy and brother Logan were rescued a few months after Leo from www.billfoundation.org!)

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(Lori and Leo are the third part of the episode.)



2. Cesar and the family!

3. Cesar helps Lori, (Dan, and Grayson) learn how to best control all
three dogs on leash together!


Lori Polydoros