10.) BAD EYESIGHT & FUNNY HATS (I really wanted a reason to wear cool glasses and interesting hats)
9.) BUYING SUPPLIES (Something about being surrounded by paper, pencils, and markers makes me happy)
8.) TROUBLE WITH AUTHORITY (I really, really, really like being my own boss!)
7.) THE WEE-HOURS (I love staying up when everybody else is asleep, drinking tea and adventuring in another world!)
Tips for young writers!
Use the writing process: first draft, edit, rewrite and publish.  All writers start off with a not-so-great first draft. Get your ideas out before worrying about spelling or grammar. Go back and re-read your first draft aloud. Listen for mistakes or places in your story that don’t make sense or move the story forward. Then rewrite it with corrections, additions or cut stuff out. Read it again out loud to someone else. Notice when they laugh or when they look bored. Ask them for questions and comments. Then make another rewrite (and another and another and another) until you feel your writing is the best it can be. Publish and be proud!

Thoughts on Writing


3.) FAR AND AWAY PLACES (I love to travel and experience far-off cultures and places. Writing allows me to share these things…and get a tax write-off to travel!)
2.) HONORING WHAT I LOVE (You are the expert in your own life. Writing is one of the best ways to honor and share those special people, animals, and issues in your life
1.) WRITING IS A BANDAID (It can heal you in ways that nothing else can)
6.) GETTING RID OF THE VOICES IN MY HEAD (I’ve got a hundred people who want out, and they force me to tell their story! Help, I need space in my brain!)
5.) THE HUMDRUM OF EVERYDAY LIFE (Writing allows you to escape into imaginary place where anything can happen
4.) BLURRING THE LINE BETWEEN FANTASY AND REAL LIFE (It’s a thrill to see these fantasy worlds from the deepest reaches of your mind come alive!)
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