about Lori

If you’re in a hurry:

Lori Polydoros has been writing for children for over twenty years and has published over 80 books, article and short stories. Her latest work is QUAKE CHASERS: 15 Women Rocking Earthquake Science, published by Chicago Review Press April 2022. Her life in education has been a wild ride—first teaching elementary and then moving on to middle school. She is a high school English teacher and community college adjunct instructor in Orange County, CA. A long-time SCBWI volunteer, Lori does many author visits and writing workshops. When she’s not writing, she may be hiking with her two unruly rescue pups, looking for butterflies, or traveling off-the-beaten path with her amazing two kids and husband. Lori’s lifelong dream is to tell stories that carry us away, give us a reprieve from the dark reality of life and can empower those without a voice. To remind us of the tenacity and resilience of the human spirit.  

If you’ve got time for a chat: 

After entering (and losing) a writing contest in 4th grade, Lori knew she wanted to grow up and make children’s books (she got prepared for rejection at a very early age.) At that point in her life, Lori planned to be the author, and her best friend would be the illustrator. In college, Lori studied art and all kinds of writing. A few years later, she earned her teacher credential. 

In total, Lori has published over 80 stories for children. Many of her favorites have appeared in the Los Angeles Times Kids’ Reading Page and Highlights and she’s done multiple non-fiction series with Capstone Press. Her latest book, QUAKE CHASERS: 15 Women Rocking Earthquake Science is published by Chicago Review Press April 2022.

Lori spent many years as an elementary teacher in Bellflower, California where her focus was science and writing. As a science/literacy specialist, Lori was lucky enough to use a science lab, complete with green tree frogs, a saltwater tank, a ball python, and a garden as her classroom. Using animals and plants made it easy to teach science, literacy, and environmental stewardship to her students. She moved onto middle school English (and learned quickly how to chase two-legged creatures around the classroom instead of the four-legged.) Lori currently teaches high school English and presents at schools and writing festivals all over Southern California. 

When she’s not chasing earthquakes or jetting two hundred years into the future, Lori enjoys visiting less traveled places and experiencing far-off cultures (the island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea and Eastern Kenya have her heart,) as well as hiking and camping in her beloved Sierra Nevada Mountains. Some of her most memorable experiences have been as a volunteer with Earth Watch, tracking Grizzlies in the Yukon, working with chimpanzees that speak American Sign Language or traveling down a remote river in Paraguay to study with the native Chamacoco tribe. Check out her travel blog here. 

When at home in Orange, California, she loves to watch Monarch caterpillars in her native garden, hang out and eat Greek food with her husband, son, and daughter (while her 2 unruly pups vacuum up all the crumbs. Opa!) Lori hopes that, through her work, readers may find hope, love ,and inspiration, especially during times that seem more dark than light.