Kate Long & Lori Dengler

KATE LONG: Before the magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit Northridge, CA and left 125,000 people without homes, you might have found Kate on a Hollywood set making movies or doing some type of experimental street theater. But once the shaking started, Kate was motivated to volunteer at her local city council office, which led to her being hired by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Her go-get-emĀ  leadership skills led to her career in emergency management. Now, as the earthquake program officer for the Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society, her main job is to empower people to prepare before a quake and take action to save lives.

LORI DENGLER: This emeritus professor of geology and Scholar of the Year at Humboldt State University, California has global expertise in tsunamis and earthquake hazards. She’s been over the world in post-tsunami research in places like Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Chile and Japan, witnessing the first hand impact, recovery and trauma of communities in need.