Sara McBride, Dr. Annemarie Baltay Sundstrom & Dr. Valerie Sahakian

SARA MCBRIDE: This social scientist has pieces of heart all over the world, like New Zealand and America Samoa. During the tragic events of 911, Sara was on a plane to Australia to work for Sydney BBC. Changing the course of life, Sara stayed and worked at the New Zealand Blood Service and later returned to the US to learn more about disaster work and since has worked both in New Zealand and in the US in emergency management where she applies her patience, empathy, resilience and humor to work in order to save lives.

DR. ANNEMARIE BALTAY SUNDSTROM: When not measuring ground motion of the earth or working on ways to develop model ground motion in early warning system like USGS ShakeAlert, you might find AnneMarie doing karaoke or skiing with her kids in fresh powder. She loves using logic and finds solace in finding answers and collaborating with others that value the same things.

Dr. VALERIE SAHAKIAN: You may find this geophysicist on a surfboard, running on trails or at sea using instruments to take images and characterize fault structures to better understand past earthquakes. Whether in the water on the East coast where she grew up, on the West, where she lives now, or even in inland bodies of water like the Salton Sea, Valerie uses her love of being on the water and her passion for the scientific method to understand geophysical data and better understand how to keep people safe during seismic events.